We work with teachers to develop strong skills in assessment practices, fidelity of interventions, and creating individualized instruction for their students.


HillRAP, HillWrite, and HillSpringsMath Workshops (Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. at HillSprings) include snacks, lunch, and materials necessary to use this method immediately.  Classes require a minimum of five participants. If there are fewer than five registrants one week prior to the start date, the class will be canceled.  Should the class be canceled, participants will be notified via email.  Participants may move their registration to the next scheduled workshop or receive a full refund.  


Sign up two weeks prior to the start date and get $25 off!  Just use PROMO CODE 'earlybird' (all lowercase letters) at checkout.  Graduate credit from Adams State College may be earned for all workshops.  Participants who cancel 7 calendar days or less before the start of a class may be billed for full payment.   

Please note: HillRAP and HillWrite are workshops, and to be "trained" in the methodology, one must complete the HillRAP Certification. 

Phonics: Breaking the Code

Price - $125 (online course taken anytime)

In this two-part online course, attendees engage in activities that enable them to break the challenging alphabetic code for students. The first part focuses on Phonological Awareness (PHA) and the recommended instructional skill sequence for struggling learners. You learn how and why PHA is a prerequisite for phonics instruction and understand its key role in reading instruction for struggling learners. The second portion focuses on Phonics and provides you with foundational knowledge and teaching strategies to help your students become proficient at decoding unfamiliar words. The course builds your knowledge in three fundamental areas of reading instruction that are essential for struggling readers: letter recognition and the alphabetic principle, sound and letter correspondence, and decoding skills.


Prerequisite - HillRAP
Price - $475 (2 day training)

Dates - Jan. 21-22, 2020

HillWrite focuses on Oral Drill, Oral/Written Spelling, Handwriting, Copying/Sentence Dictation, Grammar/Mechanics, and Sentence/Paragraph Composition. It is designed to be implemented within a 45-60 minute session with a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio.


During the two-day training for HillWrite, participants will be introduced to current research in the field of writing instruction and learn strategies for closing the gap between research and practice. The Hill Center methodology will be demonstrated, a precision method utilizing charting and graphing of student progress. In addition, participants will learn how to administer the Written Language Assessment instrument to determine appropriate instruction for each student.


Prerequisites - HillRAP and HillWrite

Price - $125 per session at participant's school

It is highly recommended that participants, following Hill workshops (HillRAP and HillWrite), receive a minimum of two coaching sessions.  Although HillRAP Certification is advised, financial constraints often prevent full certification.  Like any new skill to be learned, a one- or two-day course is only the beginning of the journey to become proficient.  Class participants need guidance and feedback from a Hill expert to reach their potential.  


Coaching is effective for several reasons:

  • the participant receives specific, descriptive feedback

  • coaching is nonevaluative in nature—the environment between participant and coach is nonthreatening

  • coaching emphasizes growth and learning

  • the coach does not have supervisory responsibilities over the coachee

  • the coach can help the participant move from a beginning level to a developing level by notating errors and omissions and providing specific feedback

Road to Reading Success:  Structured Literacy and the Diverse Learner

New Class

Price - $250 (per session)

Dates - TBD

This two part workshop is designed for all K-12 teachers and administrators who desire to improve literacy instructions for both typical and struggling learners.  Each session can be attended as a stand alone workshop and you do NOT have to attend both.  

These classes identify structured literacy fundamentals within the five components of reading, explore the latest research, identify assessment tools, define best practices for implementation, and practice specific instructional methods.  


Prerequisite - Phonics: Breaking the Code

HillRAP HLS Digital

Price - $475 (2-day training) plus $250 for iPad app license
Dates - Jan. 16-17, 2020 

HillRAP Paper/Pencil

Price - $475 (2-day training) 
Dates - TBD

For struggling students in grades K-8, HillRAP is a structured intervention program delivered on a 4:1 basis by teachers who are extensively trained in multi-sensory structured language professional development.

HillRAP meets the needs of students and teachers in a public school setting. The curriculum can be implemented in a class period ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour. HillRAP components include Oral Drill, Phonological Awareness, Word Attack/Sight Words, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Reading/Comprehension. 


HillRAP includes instruction in the Hill Learning System (HLS) using the iPad format.  Teachers will learn how to individualize curriculum for each student and how to create reports at the click of a button.    

Additional key features of HillRAP:

 - Can be incorporated into a school's RTI/MTSS as a Tier III intervention.  
- Post-training coaching is available at an additional fee to ensure fidelity of implementation of the methodology.

- Research by RTI International, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina-Wilmington validate the effectiveness of the HillRAP Program.


**The HLS app license is $250 per year per teacher. 

HillSprings Math

Prerequisite - HillRAP

Price - $250 (1 day training)

Dates - Jan. 24, 2020

This math course was created to support students struggling with number fluency, computation and word problems.  Participants will be introduced to Oral Drill, Fluency, Dictation, and strategies for teaching math to students with learning differences.

HillRAP Certification 

Prerequisites - HillRAP and HillWrite

Price - $1,250 or $250 per observation at participant's school

Certification in HillRAP (Level 1) is available to qualified participants. HillRAP training is certified by the International Multisensory Language Education Council (IMSLEC). To achieve HillRAP Certification, a teacher must complete 45 hours of professional development, including HillRAP and HillWrite workshops and the online course Breaking the Code. In addition, teachers must implement the program for a minimum of 90 hours, submit a case study detailing a student’s progress in the program, and receive five coaching sessions at the participant's school with an experienced Hill Center mentor. Training and certification are geared toward Exceptional Children’s teachers, reading specialists, speech pathologists, and tutors.


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