Why Choose HillSprings?

HillSprings Academy provides students with learning differences the opportunity to achieve at a level commensurate with their intellectual ability, to develop a positive self-concept, and to understand their individual learning styles. We offer a community built on our mission to "empower students with learning differences to become confident, independent learners." We offer a variety of programs to meet student and family needs, with our focus always on increasing student skill level and confidence. Our teachers are highly trained and well versed in the methodology of direct instruction and guided discovery. Our programs meet students "where they are" in order to develop their skills and help them to grow academically.

Who We Serve

HillSprings Academy provides an individualized instructional program for students with learning differences.  Students enrolled in the Academic Year Program (grades 1-8) typically:


  • Have a learning difference and/or ADHD as diagnosed by a licensed psychologist

  • Have average to above average potential

  • Do not have primary emotional or behavioral difficulties


We welcome students with diagnosed learning differences including:

  • Dyslexia

  • Dysgraphia

  • Dyscalculia

  • Nov-verbal learning disability

  • ADHD

  • Executive function challenges

  • Slow processing speed

  • Weak working memory


Students with other types of learning differences may also be considered.  For our Summer, After-School, and Homeschool Programs, students do not need to have a specific diagnosis.


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