"HillSprings is where your smartness is recognized" (Maddie, age 12)

"The thing that I learned about myself was that I could be a successful learner if I did not give up" (Jax, age 8)

"You have a teacher right in front of you who is actually helping you." (Greg, age 10)

"I was in a deep hole of frustration and motherhood exhaustion...I am more than delighted to be a part of the HillSprings family.  They enabled my daughter to develop her innermost strengths that were hidden by her ADHD and low self-esteem." (Parent of Aleah, age 9)

"I love the small classes because we get more attention. A lot of schools say they have individualized learning when they really don't. At HillSprings, it's truly individualized learning." (Barron, age 12)


"HillSprings helps.  HillSprings cares.  HillSprings cherishes their children"  (Olivia, age 9)

"HillSprings taught me ways to manage my frustration. When I first came here, I always got angry when I got the wrong answers. Now I calm myself down." (Tanner, age 10)

"At HillSprings our son progressed because of TRUST. He grew to trust his teacher. She quickly and accurately understood his needs and provided a respectful learning environment. Our son also learned to trust his classmates. He soon picked up on the fact that each of them had their own issues. He quickly observed that he was not alone in his learning differences. Facilitated by his teacher, his class grew to trust each other....he now has friends. He has learned to trust us, his parents. He feels that we finally got him into an environment where he can prosper, to continue to learn, and to enjoy school." (Parents of Adam, age 13)

"I do not get math very easily, but my teacher explains it in steps and gives us strategies to help us figure out the problems." (Katie, age 11)

"With time and hard work, I can be like other kids who know how to read." (Sam, age 10)

"If one strategy does not work, try another strategy that might work even better." (Blake, age 11)


"As a parent of a child with a learning disability, every day I am wowed by how much perseverance it takes for our son to just get through some days. I have come to recognize that I too, have more perseverance than I ever dreamed possible....however, I also believe that one cannot have perseverance without hope. HillSprings has given us that hope. We trusted that HillSprings would give our son that foundation that he needed for classroom success. They haven't let us down. He now knows he is starting to achieve what he once found impossible. Our teacher at HillSprings has given us the hope for our child's future." (Parent of Daniel, age 8)

"I did not give up. I knew I could overcome my difficulty with learning. Now I can do stuff I thought I never could do." (Drew, age 9)

"At HillSprings we have a lot of fun while we are learning......you can shine no matter what you are made of." (Megan, age 12)

"At HillSprings I started to take my work more seriously and stopped goofing off. I am able to work at my own pace and level instead of doing the same thing as everybody else. Now I enjoy reading and want to read more books." (KT, age 13)


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