The HillSprings Learning Center, now HillSprings Academy, was founded by a group of concerned families, educators, and health care professionals who were grappling with the problem of inadequate resources for the many Pikes Peak region's children with learning differences who were not getting the support they needed in the regular school environment. One of those founders, Janis Hannifin, had discovered The Hill Center in Durham, North Carolina and had made the dramatic step of moving there to get her son the assistance he so desperately needed (www.HillCenter.org). Motivated by the success Janis's son enjoyed at The Hill Center and the enthusiastic support of numerous volunteers and educators in the Colorado Springs area, The HillSprings Learning Center was established to bring The Hill Center model to the Pikes Peak region. The facility opened in the fall of 2004.  In 2014, the name was changed to HillSprings Academy to reflect the specialized programming we provide, to highlight the training and certification required of our teaching staff, and to decrease confusion with other learning and child care centers.

Instruction in reading, writing, and math is provided by HillSprings' highly trained and certified teachers for 3 hours daily, either in a morning or afternoon session. Students also attend their home-based schools for a half day, to participate in other classes or extracurricular activities and to maintain relationships with friends and teachers. Along with academic skill acquisition, emphasis is placed on teaching compensatory strategies through a study skills curriculum, and monthly themes of success attributes such as perseverance, goal setting, and self advocacy.

Since the school began, several components have been added. We currently offer an After-School Program, Homeschool Program, professional development workshops for teachers, and community outreach programs.


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