It is highly recommended that participants, following Hill workshops (HillRAP and HillWrite), receive a minimum of two coaching sessions.  Although HillPREP certification is advised, financial constraints often prevent full certification.


Like any new skill to be learned, a one- or two-day course is only the beginning of the journey to become proficient.  Class participants need guidance and feedback from a Hill expert to reach their potential.


For an additional fee of $150.00, a Hill Center trained educator will provide two coaching sessions at the participant’s school.


Coaching is effective for several reasons:


  • the participant receives specific, descriptive feedback

  • coaching is nonevaluative in nature—the environment between participant and coach is nonthreatening

  • coaching emphasizes growth and learning

  • the coach does not have supervisory responsibilities over the coachee

  • the coach can help the participant move from a beginning level to a developing level by notating errors and omissions and providing specific feedback


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